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Magic Knight Rayearth Review

Monday, August 25, 2008 |

Rayearth is a shoujo series (aimed at girls) that features three junior high school heroines who are courageous and resourceful and utterly likeable. The setup is simple: three girls from different private schools are transported suddenly from the familiar landscape of Tokyo Tower and thrust into battle in a fantasy land.

Finding themselves turned into magical girls, complete with novice armor and elemental magical powers, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu must take charge of a magical realm whose entire world system is crumbling. They are destined to profoundly change the utopian world of Cephiro through decisions fueled by their personal value system, which is often at conflict with the battle-centric world.

The process of saving Cephiro from itself parallels the girls' growing maturity, as they are able to bring fresh viewpoints to the conflicted world. In the tradition of the best magical girl stories, Rayearth is a coming of age journey.

I saw about 5 episode. Its pretty boring to me.

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