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Keiichi Morisato- Go to Belldandy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008 |

(oh yeah) Keiichi ..... oh Keiichi

Look at her inviting face and killer bod , Keiichi Morisato has to be the luckiest guy around. Having 3 beautiful goddess watching over him, with one of them madly in love with him.

She cooks, clean, go about every where he wants her to. There is much tension at certain point in the animation. This guy is very shy.

I loved the way everything went all the way til the end. They have to be the sweetest couple ever around in japan animation.

These two are the reasons for quote , unquote delayed progress in their relationship. Lets meet

Urd- The cupid spelled disaster. Nothing she tries to happen between them ever goes right.
skuld- Very mischievous and wants her sister all to her self.

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