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Monday, July 13, 2009 |

sumomo mo momo

I just got finished watching Sumomomo momo. I loved it. It was funny and touching. Here the story. The series centers around a young girl, a strong martial artist, who wants to marry and bear a child with a boy that she believes to be a strong fighter. Momoko is a strange and hyperactive barefoot (but she starts to wear shoes to school after Kōshi buys her a pair) young girl who is also a martial artist in a special form of martial arts that only members of the twelve Zodiac Masters of Japan can learn. She is associated with the dragon of the Chinese zodiac.

Every episode she tries to seduce this guy. Whom they during the course of the anime began living together. Story is around the life of Kōshi Inuzuka, a normal high school student who is aspiring to become a prosecutor after graduating

Rejected again! Kōshi initially wants nothing to do with Momoko or the martial arts war that he has been thrown right in the middle of. He instead focuses even more on his studies so as to keep his mind off of being targeted for assassination. Gradually, he seems to develop a greater appreciation and caring for Momoko.

Oh yes, every man's nightmare?

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