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Thursday, July 30, 2009 |

OMG, what a wicked cool picture of Kenpachi from Bleach. If you look closely that isArnold Schwartzneiger face. No, Arnold don’t do cosplay. This was actually done with Photoshop. Its very good. 2 Thumbs up!

Halibel serves as the 3rd high-ranking Espada as Ulquiorra serves as the 4th. They are both quiet in nature, preferring to think before they act.

While Ulquiorra's mask can be readily seen, Halibel's mask is covered by her coat and colar. Her mask extends from her nose down to her breasts.

I didn't want to place this cosplay on either of my other 2 blogs because of the amount of skin being exposed. However, Halibel has never been portrayed so accurately, and Ulquiorra rivals the first cosplayer I featured. Excellent job!


Omg, these toddlers are the cutest. I completely love their cosplay of the famous anime series Naruto.I I wonder if they watch and understand Naruto series. I personally think the story line can get intense. I can just imagine the crazy cosplay family behind this one. Still one of the best I have seen. There like little Dumplins. ILMAO.


Back for a third time!

Friday, July 24, 2009 |

Red hair, Red eyes, long flaming sword as sharp as her tongue, talking necklace, melon bread lover very short and cute, and now...has a boyfriend.

If you have no idea who i am talking about, Shame on you! You deserved to be burnt in a red flaming haze! if you do good for you.

To all you who don't know i am talking about everyone favorite flaming warrior Shana-Chaaaaaaan! That's right Shana, Yuji, Alastor Margery, willhemina, and all your favorites return for a third serving. Be ready for it This October!


Here ye, Here ye! I, Duke guru of things anime and video games brings news. The New York Anime Festival is coming!

That's right fellow otakus, The new York anime festival is coming in just a couple of months. It will be held at the Jacob Javets center in Manhattan in run from September 25 thru september 27. Expect cosplay, manga artist, authors,maybe a few special guest and other special things,like anime previews and game demos will appear. I'll do what i can to keep you guy updated on the event and festivities, but if you are in the big apple and an otaku come to thew festival. You won't be disapointed.

Ja NE!


sumomo mo momo - Take Me

Monday, July 13, 2009 |

sumomo mo momo

I just got finished watching Sumomomo momo. I loved it. It was funny and touching. Here the story. The series centers around a young girl, a strong martial artist, who wants to marry and bear a child with a boy that she believes to be a strong fighter. Momoko is a strange and hyperactive barefoot (but she starts to wear shoes to school after Kōshi buys her a pair) young girl who is also a martial artist in a special form of martial arts that only members of the twelve Zodiac Masters of Japan can learn. She is associated with the dragon of the Chinese zodiac.

Every episode she tries to seduce this guy. Whom they during the course of the anime began living together. Story is around the life of Kōshi Inuzuka, a normal high school student who is aspiring to become a prosecutor after graduating

Rejected again! Kōshi initially wants nothing to do with Momoko or the martial arts war that he has been thrown right in the middle of. He instead focuses even more on his studies so as to keep his mind off of being targeted for assassination. Gradually, he seems to develop a greater appreciation and caring for Momoko.

Oh yes, every man's nightmare?


Justin Timberlake is trying to do a whole lot more than just bring sexy back. The 28 year-old singer, dancer and ex-Mickey Mouse club member has officially entered the running for the role of Hal Jordan, better known as the Green Lantern.

According to Hollywood Reporter, TimberLake has been nominated, along with Scar-Jo's beau Ryan Reynolds and Hangover star Bradley Cooper, for the lead in the latest Warner Bros. and DC Comics film.

The movie will tell the story of a cocky test pilot who is given a magical ring by a dying alien. This ring gives him superhuman abilities, like the power to fly and create objects out of light, but it also requires that he join an intergalactic crime-fighting team.


Soul Eater Episode 1-5

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 |

Soul eater Episodes 1- 5

Soul Eater Episode 1 (english subbed)

Continue for more

Soul Eater Episode 3 (english subbed)

Soul Eater episode 4(English Subbed)

Soul Eater episode 5(English Subbed)



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