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New Flame-BoA

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 |

I am loving Boa's music. I first heard of this pop star, when she did flying with out wings. I loved that song. I thought she was cute in it also. Her music is great. I later found out that she is Korean, not a Japanese woman.

Korean pop star Kwon BoA

Some songs she did that i love. I learned to read Japanese, and a bit of korean to sing along. Ya, wickedly twisted.

-No.1 ( korean) one of my favorite karaoke.
-Every Heart one of my favorite karaoke.
- BoA- My Name
- BoA- Girls on Top

Some people i have read on youtube draws some comparison to her and Christina agularia here.
So exactly who is Boa?

BoA's multilingual skills (she speaks Japanese and conversational English along with her native Korean and has recorded songs in Mandarin Chinese) have contributed to her commercial success in South Korea and Japan and her popularity throughout Asia.

She is one of only two non-Japanese Asians who have had million-selling albums in Japan and is one of only two artists to have six consecutive number-one albums on the Oricon charts.

I love her many looks.

Korean studio albums

  • 2000: ID; Peace B
  • 2001: Jumping into the World (mini-album)
  • 2002: No.1
  • 2002: Miracle (mini-album)
  • 2003: Atlantis Princess
  • 2003: Shine We Are! (mini-album)
  • 2004: My Name
  • 2005: Girls on Top

Japanese studio albums

  • 2002: Listen to My Heart
  • 2003: Valenti
  • 2004: Love and Honesty
  • 2006: Outgrow
  • 2007: Made in Twenty (20)
  • 2008: The Face


Fushigi Yûgi Review Interesting

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 |

Fushigi Yûgi Hilarious -

Miyaka is a more or less average junior high school student, trying to do well enough on the entrance exams to join her top-of-the-class best friend Yui at a prestigious school. But when the two of them wander into a restricted part of the library and stumble upon an ancient book called "The Universe of the Four Gods," everything changes. You see, this book is actually a portal into ancient China, and it's story--the story of the Priestess of Suzaku and her quest to gather a group of seven holy warriors and bring peace to the land--is about to be written by none other than Miyaka. Thrust into another reality and faced with a series of challenges and the affections of more than one of the seven warriors she's trying to gather, Miyaka will have to find the strength to live up to her new role. And worst of all, Yui's trip into the story won't be as kind as Miyaka's...

Quick Overview:

Fushigi Yuugi takes an entirely generic girls' anime storyline and gives it a bit of a schizophrenic twist, swinging violently between silly comedy and various degrees of tragedy almost constantly. On the whole, despite being unevenly put together, emotionally confusing, a little too soap-operatic, and rather obviously laid out, there is enough humor to make it enjoyable, enough dramatic twists and relatively believable emotional wrangling to make it interesting, a fair amount of reserve showed on the romantic end of the story, and strong enough characters (and performances) to hold it all together. The visuals aren't much, and the ancient China of the series looks like a stock fantasy locale, but neither is a huge issue.

It's a decidedly uneven series that's definitely most likely to appeal to younger teen girls (its target audience), but it offers enough interesting situations and occasionally involving storytelling to make it stand out in the genre as at least reasonably interesting to a broader audience


Ready to rumble

Friday, September 5, 2008 |

Matsuri Autumn 2008 - 016 by jasonlcs2008.

This is a fierce naruto, a great cosplay I would say.

Matsuri Autumn 2008 - 008 by jasonlcs2008.
One of them is definitely not a cosplayer. Both very sexy

cosfest 2008 009 - Candy power by jasonlcs2008.
Kula Diamond. Very good cosplay. I'm loving it.

cosfest 2008 019 - Group (ii) by jasonlcs2008.
King Of fighters Cosplay.
( Billy Kane, lily kane, Rock Kula,

COSCON 2008 - 027 by jasonlcs2008.
'Urban Acid' post-processed in CS3


jasonlcs2008's photostream

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Goku V.S Naruto

Monday, September 1, 2008 |

Haha, yes its as it says. Check out this awesome clip below. Fan creation.

Dragonball Z Anime Vs Other - The best home videos are here


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