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Ami Movie - Part I

Friday, August 22, 2008 |

6:30 A.M.

Doves are cooing at the window. Ami looks out...

"Good Morning!"

Ami-chan no hatsukoi
"Amy's First Love"

"I'm Ami Mizuno. Born on September 10th, a Virgo, blood type A."

My hobbies are reading and chess. Every morning I get to school 40 minutes early to read...

My favourite food is sandwiches because I can eat them while I'm reading.

My favourite sport is swimming. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite subject is math.

But my least favourite thing is...

"a love letter...?!"

" Well, it sure is a problem I'd like
to have, getting a love letter," said Mako.
"No doubt," agreed Usagi.
"It's not like I've received a lot or anything," stammered Ami, "but...'s just that I get this horrible reaction to them!"

"Ami, "admonished Minako, "you know what they say: Life's short and love's a battle."
Everyone slumped.
"Was that wrong?" asked Minako.
"I think the correct saying is: Life's short, love while you can." moaned Artemis.
"I guess that's another way of putting it..." said Minako.

"You know," laughed Ami, "I think there's only one thing we should be passionately doing in our last year of junior high school, and that is..."

Everyone: " Studying, right?"

Ami pulled out her glasses and put them on. "That's right! Right now, in my dictionary,
there's no such word as love!"

The wind whistled.

"She's scary..." quipped Chibi-Usa.

"Is there... something wrong?" ventured Mako.

"Take a look at this." Ami handed Mako a book, "Look on page 42."
"Page 42..."
"It's the rankings for the national practice exams," explained Ami.
Mako read out loud, "First place: Mercury,
100% in all five subjects!?"
"That means a perfect score on every exam!" exclaimed Usagi.
"Mercury... that's you, right Ami?" asked Chibi-Usa.
"That's right," replied Ami, "You send the results in under a pseudonym and they rank you accordingly. The problem is that person!"
" There's another perfect score!" exclaimed Rei, "Mercurius."

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