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Ikkitousen figures

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 |

Next up are some Ikkitousen figures. This figure of Kano was gorgeous but alas a garage kit.

Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Ryofu Housen.
Ryofu Housen (click to enlarge)
Sonsaku Hakufu.
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
This kit of Sonsaku is very nice indeed. Would look great on the dashboard of yer car.

Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Sonsaku Hakufu (click to enlarge)
Would totally get this if she came out as a PVC.
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Rather nice bottom.
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)

I have the Yamato Kanu and I like it a lot. But I would have to pass o most
of these figures... too revealing lol... I already get a lot of questions and
weird faces when someone enters my room and looks at my Kanu or other anime girls.
Imagine the reaction if I had that nude Sonsaku too... but I have to say they
look awesome ^.^. If the Kanu in the white dress gets made into a PVC it would
be hard do resist.

Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
This was at the Alter stand. Could very well be my first Kano Uncho figure.

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