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Chobits Episode 1-5

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 |

Chobits_04 by JemOfAGirl.
Here is Chi. She is one of the main players of an anime called Chobit.

Chobits EPi 1

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Chobits EPi 2

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Chobits EPi3

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Chobits EPi4

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Chobits EPi5

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oh Shana

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 |

Hey whats up with these cute " dumb" clueless guys . The guy has 2 women crazy in love with him , and yet he tags them both along. It seems as though he doesn't realizes.

Every one goes out on a limb for him . His friend seem to be the only one who notices these 2 girls desperate attempts . He take it as " oh how nice" As if he his mother made it.
Here are some desperate attempts he failed to notice.

  • 2 Lunch meals from both girls
  • Shana protecting him , not just as her duty
  • Shana making him lunch
  • Girls always going back and forth at each other , because of him

If a burning pot doesn't scream love, I don't know what does!

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Ikkitousen figures


Next up are some Ikkitousen figures. This figure of Kano was gorgeous but alas a garage kit.

Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Ryofu Housen.
Ryofu Housen (click to enlarge)
Sonsaku Hakufu.
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
This kit of Sonsaku is very nice indeed. Would look great on the dashboard of yer car.

Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Sonsaku Hakufu (click to enlarge)
Would totally get this if she came out as a PVC.
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
Rather nice bottom.
Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)

I have the Yamato Kanu and I like it a lot. But I would have to pass o most
of these figures... too revealing lol... I already get a lot of questions and
weird faces when someone enters my room and looks at my Kanu or other anime girls.
Imagine the reaction if I had that nude Sonsaku too... but I have to say they
look awesome ^.^. If the Kanu in the white dress gets made into a PVC it would
be hard do resist.

Ikkitousen (click to enlarge)
This was at the Alter stand. Could very well be my first Kano Uncho figure.


These are just sooo cute.

Nendoroid Petit (click to enlarge)
Folks in Japan can get these at all Circle K convenient stores from the 22nd of November and should be available everywhere else during the second week of December. Each costs 500 yen.
Nendoroid Petit (click to enlarge)
Mikuru is my fave - awesomely cute and going in the car.
Nendoroid Petit (click to enlarge)
There are two different variations of each character. Yuki has removable cloak, hat and wand.

Nendoroid Petit (click to enlarge)
All characters are articulated to a certain extent. None of the parts are glued which has enabled Good Smile to keep production costs low while delivering incredibly good quality considering these are trading figures.

Haruhi looks good in Kyons uniform.
Nendoroid Petit (click to enlarge)
The cheerleader Haruhi is the secret one - not sure if I'm allowed to upload this one ^^;
The hair and face can be taken apart and placed on different characters - which is what I done for the cheerleader Haruhi.
Nendoroid Petit (click to enlarge)
The obligatory kyon-on-female-body shots.
Nendoroid Petit (click to enlarge)
Small and incredible cute - if these were edible then they'd be gone in no time.

I've had a few conversations with folks about the Nendoroid series who tell me that they really don't like the super deformed style - are these up your alley or you prefer the standard scale PVCs?
Nendoroid Petit (click to enlarge)
You can also make up School Days dioramas too.


Guilty Gear Ino. shes very hot!


Rumor: Soul Calibur 4 HDD Takeover?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 |

All you media fiends conquering space on your PS3 or 360 better hope this isn't true.

According to a post at, online store listed that Soul Calibur 4 requires 6.7 gigs of game data plus nearly 2 gigs for game saves. For the 360 version, a HDD is required to play the game. Be aware that the webpage is in Japanese if you want to check it out.

Whether this rumor is true or not, we'll definitely have more than enough details for about Soul Calibur 4 for in our E3 2008 coverage coming up soon. For now, feast your eyes on these.

Ivy wants you to to check out the Soulcalibur IV gallery by clicking the image below.

Giant batch of new gameplay footage and screenshots of Soulcalibur IV (PS3, Xbox 360) available for your viewing pleasure in our respective galleries.

Soulcalibur IV: Ivy vs. Voldo footage


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