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Anime: Something Fun For Everyone

Sunday, February 3, 2008 |

“I think the fact that I could still watch a Warner Bros cartoon and find it awesome at 21 says something about how those cartoons were the type of things that everyone can enjoy. Nowadays, it’s very hard to find that sort of cartoon that can transcend age and experience (lol politics): We either have stuff for the young, stuff for the not so young (adults from 20-35ish, maybe), and nothing really for the older adults. I think anime is the closest thing that we have to meeting that.”

I still watch Western (I still wonder why these “West” and “East” designations are used for hemispheres; it’s so arbitrary) cartoons when given the chance, and I get a kick out of some of the newer shows out there (the choices of these shows are also arbitrary; i.e., stuff I like off the top of my head), and the Pixar works are always very awesome. Each of these shows has a different target audience, but resound with me in some way, more often in a humorous matter than anything else (in the case of the Boondocks, I am in that target age range, so results may vary in the future). And at the same time, there are anime for certain target segments that tends to resound with those segments alone [like Pretty Cure for girls and men in their 20s (oh shi-), and the “adult stuff”]. So on further looking at that statement, I’m probably talking out of my ass there, or at least showing off my lack of knowledge. Doesn’t mean that I’m not standing by the statement about it, so let’s go on.

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