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Clannad- Picture of the Day

Monday, March 16, 2009 |

Very cool train illustration of the popular animation series Clannad. Picture was taken in Japan. Thumbs up!


2009 is and will continue to be a great year for anime. I have enjoyed so much new releases. I am currently watching Clannad season 2, Vampire Rosario Capu II, Afro Samurai. Curious what are other fans watching. Please post a reply in comment. Share!

Take a look at some of the exciting stuff for 09.


I have to salute to Key for this one…

It’s a friggin’ complex routes (@_@) one vital choice wrong and poof~ and You wouldn’t know until further back~ and there’s always different story appearing for almost every single choice. No wonder people said it took 300 hours in average to get the whole scenario~ yeah 300, Three hundred hours!!! It’s not a typo. Now I’m really salute to the translator and people in AOI for making the patch.

But throughout the stories (in exception of the bad ending) the joke, the drama is really touching (the bad ending very irritating, but also felt challenging) and the stories impeccably woven throughout the scenario. Even in the side scenario of Sunohara, I got my eyes wet a bit. I also have settled down the Fujibayashi Ryou route but nothing really dramatic happen on her route, so I’m starting to doubt that that’s the Ryou’s “true” route.

CLANNAD - Sunohara, Sanae-san and Mei

(click for much larger image~)

Voice Patch download status: 55.1% of 1.02 GB (>_<)

I’ll put more spoiler and screen shot ahead, open at your own risk~

And in the middle of Sunohara route, (BTW there’s no such thing yaoi stuff route!!! so put away that wild imagination~! XD ) I got a date with his sister (probably almost fifteen, 3rd year junior high~) btw I’m telling you, I’m not a lolicon XD~ but she is really KAWAIIIII~

CLANNAD Game - A date with Mei

Mei cling to him on the “date” arghh~ Kawaiii~

I just a bit curious to try getting the Kyou route, but instead I got Sunohara ending (TT__TT OMG my first good ending route is actually Sunohara’s ROFL) but I don’t really regret it. The small drama about friendship and siblings in this route is not bad at all. As I say previously toward the end it’s really-really dramatic, so much that my eyes got wet a bit. If the scenario continues a few years ahead I definitely get her sister kukuku~ I can still hearin Mei calling “Onii-chan~” XD

CLANNAD Game - The first meeting

Though stupid he’s a good friend, I wonder if there’s a person like that.

And since I felt guilty for playing around with Ryou (to get her older sister), I finished up her route~ dating and stuff~ It’s funny but nothing dramatic really happen (I tought the drama is gonna be the rumor for going out with Kyou) which quite surprising~ the end is only a small kiss scene and that’s it~


Finally! The secret to learning Japanese has been discovered! Find out what it is now and learn Japanese instantaneously!

Seriously, No


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