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Clannad - After Story

Sunday, October 12, 2008 |

Jesus Christ.

My cute sensors have been violated.

The first episode, as expected, was light hearted. The OP completely rubbed the fact that Nagisa won in our face, but there are a few things to note from the op.

1) Fuko is atleast in one episode, because she’s giving out a hug. Or you could take the cheap way out and see that her part was casted.

2) Ryou is crying.

3) Yukine gets an arc.

4) Someone is dieing.

All in all it was a happy start. I think they’re trying to build a positive focus right now in order to destroy it, along with our emotions, later on.

First episode was good. Very good. Can we tell I’m not a Nagisa fan yet? Notice where Kotomi’s/Kyou’s eyes are in that second picture.

Liked our timeout for a weekly dose of GAR. Well, as close to GAR as this series is going to get. The comedy was top notch for this episode, but episode two actually advanced the story. While I’m overall disappointed that Nagisa won, Tomoya still doesn’t deserve her.

“I don’t think we should lie!”

Reason #1) Does not respect her opinion or wish.

“Get back into the kitchen.”

Reason #2) Completely ignores her.

Sexually attracted to her mom.

Reason #3) Having his eyes on other women.

Though all in all I can’t fault him for that third one…

Blushing milfy nekomimi maid.

Which brings us to the base behind the Sunohara arc. Lieing to your little sister by pretending to go out with your friend’s girlfriend’s hot mom? One has to ask the reason why Sanae is bothering to play this little game. Though, I guess as a MILF you rarely get to dress up and go out on dates anymore - so I’m sure she’s just having fun with it. I didn’t buy that whole thing with her wanting to help Sunohara. She’s doing this for laughs. Tomoya is doing this for laughs. Sunohara is doing this to get laid. It was funny to see her completely ignored when she said “This is complicated…one of my friends is dating my mom.”


Could create a comedic scene. I found the next episode preview with Sunohara standing there to be interesting. I haven’t seen the whole scene yet, but it looks like he’s being stood up. I think the execution and his actions in the preview are very well done. I seriously felt like I know where he’s been before. Waiting for next weeks episode, but what I’m really looking for from this series is the Yukine arc.

Well, atleast we know where Archer was hiding for those two-three days in Unlimited Blade Works after Gilgamesh skewered him. I don’t what Kyoto Animation is planning with this one. I think they enjoy watching us suffer. They give us more Clannad, which will end in tears, and delay Haruhi more, which creates rage. This is double the suffering.

While I am looking forward to Little Busters!, since it’s animation is confirmed that means we’ll be lucky to see Haruhi before the end of 2009. Despair. Absolute Despair!

The lack of Kotomi amongst the blogging community has also left me in despair. All I see is Kyou. So let me implore you anime community! Go! Go find a Kotomi picture and post it on your blog or website! She needs the love.

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