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Groovle Your Google Search Page

Sunday, June 29, 2008 |

was feeling kind of bored the other day and when I saw my friend online in msn, I asked him whether he has any interesting web sites to show me. He then gave me this url, and asked me to check out the site. He asked me to go have some fun by personalizing my google search page. I can personalize my google search page? Yes, according to him, Groovle allows us to Personalize Google search page to our own liking! Sounds like fun, let's check it out!

From the website, I am able to browse the directory of custom homepages and choose from celebrities, sports teams, animals and etc. Besides that, I can also use my own photos or images I like to create a personal homepage. Simply select the file from our computer and upload the image. That is so cool! I tried by picking the beautiful and sexy Angelina Jolie. Clicked her name, there are photos of her and I chose one of the picture and yes, I now see her in my google search page! With a beautiful lady beside me while I am researching, it doesn't seems so boring anymore. Doesn't it sounds interesting? Experienced it yourself!


chocosnow Games


Have you ever heard about Do you know this? You are sitting at home in front of your computer and you are bored. Just bored. And you need something that cheers you up. Have you ever tried I bet this is the perfect solution when you are bored. Just visit them and give it a try.

They have loads of fun games on their website. On their site you can choose between lots of games from the following categories: Puzzle/Logic, Arkanoid, Action/Arcade, Pacman/Digger, Strategy/Sim, Shooter, Driving/Flying, Sport, Words, Mah Jong, Cards/Board, and Online/Flash.

They also have this section called "Our Best free casual games downloads" where you can choose between the several downloadable games. Doesn´t that sound interesting? Should you be interested in, please do not hesitate and just visit their website in order to obtain further information. Find out if there is something interesting for you on it. I am sure you can find some interesting games on this site and I am also sure that your needs will be satisfied. Also take a look at this site if you need any further information or help concerning their website, or their games. So what are you waiting for? Go and visit them today!

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Canned Bread

Thursday, June 26, 2008 |

How can something so beautiful, bake bread that taste as though they the canned, and as hard as rock. Notice she's telling a potential customer " Don't worry about paying for it , Its left overs " Her poor husbands loves her so much he endured the abuse of her baking.

Having no skills to bake, I am surprise they manage a bakery.

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create best web polls

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 |

Its easy to register and have an account. You don't have to had a data base of your own, or an additional IT support. Everything is handled on their servers. You just need two minutes to sign up for a perfectly accurate and stable polls and surveys online for FREE!

Isn’t it great! So for those who want add variety to your online service and make it more interactive,You can create best web polls visit their website and sign up for an online survey and polls.


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